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What is your educational background?
I have my GED
I have an associate degree
I have a bachelor's degree
I have a master's degree or higher
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What is your primary goal for the course?
I want to progress in my career / change career paths
I want to progress the careers of others
I want my workplace to have diversity, equity, and inclusion
All of the above
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What is your leadership design experience?
I have some leadership experience
I have studied leadership strategies
I am new to leadership but have some experience
I am completely new to leadership

Did you know…?

Over 60% of Black professionals believe Black employees have to work harder to advance in their careers, and 84% of white employees disagree.
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What is your connection to Black leadership?

I identify as Black and want to advance my career

I like learning about Black related subjects
I see the need to have Black leaders in my organization
All of the above
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Why would you like to improve your company's DEI?
I want to increase revenue
I want to have different perspectives involved in decision-making
I want to create a healthier work environment
I want to be the creator of opportunities
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What is your current income level?
Under $20,000/year
Over $100,000/year
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Which subject interest you the most?

Black identity

Networking while Black
Authentic leadership
African-American culture & psychology

Black employees with Black leaders strongly agree on these experiences:

62% are confident that their employer will treat them right
56% are comfortable being themselves at work
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What made you interested in the course?
The instructor’s - Felicia Guity’s - experience
The insight into the working Black experience
The topics on the syllabus 
All of the above
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What would you like to gain from the course?
The platform to practice everything learned
The frameworks, templates & personal development plan
The career guidance
All of the above
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What percent of leaders in your organization are Black?
50% and up
We don’t have any Black leaders yet
Felicia Guity
  • Chief Operations & Executive Strategist, member of Global Executive Leadership at Google
  • More than 32 years of experience at top companies like Google, Amazon, Citrix, and Microsoft
  • First African-American woman to be promoted from entry-level to the top 1% of Microsoft leadership
  • Award-winning business development executive and board member recognized among leading women in business
  • Delivers on billion-dollar revenue goals through strategy, sales, digital marketing, and technical platforms
  • Sits on the board for Powerful Voices, We Connect The Dots Inc., and Boys and Girls Clubs of America
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How do you learn best?
I like applying everything I learn through practical exercises
I like receiving guidance from the instructor every step of the way
I like learning through group discussions with my peers
All of the above
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What type of student are you?
I enjoy collaborating with other students on the projects
I enjoy networking with other professionals 
I enjoy concentrating on my own learning
I enjoy concentrating on my own learning, but see the benefit of peer feedback
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What is your seniority level at your company? 
“I love the conversations and the honesty from Dr. Guity and the class participants! There is a sense of community here and you don't feel so alone in your career journey. I'm so glad I invested in myself and in this course!”
Thelisha completed ELVTR course in December
Thelisha completed ELVTR course in December
Don’t take our word for it - see for yourself!
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After completing the course and setting out on your journey to foster Black leadership in the workplace, you will be confident in:
Understanding the nuances, psychology & history of the black identity in the workplace
Advocating for yourself & other potential Black leaders
Making a personal development plan
Creating a D&I action plan
Receiving & giving feedback
Negotiating skillfully
Break boundaries and elevate Black leadership. Get career mentorship that will help you navigate negotiations and create a career development plan. Perfect for aspiring Black leaders and those who want to create opportunities for them.
Your result

As you consider applying to the Black Leadership course, it's important to recognize the specific skills and benefits this specialized training offers.

Your leadership journey launches on April 30th, 2024! Take on 4 workshops, 8 assignments, frameworks, and a development plan from Felicia Guity.

The full tuition for 12 live classes, the career guidance, and personalized feedback from Felicia is normally valued at $2,190. Based on your answers, we can cover $876 of the whole tuition, bringing it down to $1,314 for you, or $109 per class.

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00: Welcome Class

Ready to start? Chat with your instructor, navigate the course structure, and unveil the exciting assignments & the final project that will propel you toward success during the course.

  • Meet your instructor
  • Housekeeping rules
  • Course structure
  • Assignments & final project overview
01: Managing Black Identity

In this first class, Felicia will take you through the history of Black identity in the workplace – where we’ve come from, where we need to go, and how you can contribute to the new landscape.

  • African-American history, culture, and psychology
  • Leadership in the context of race and identity
  • Understanding and tackling racial inequality
02: Black Leaders Shaping History Today

Get inspired by Black leaders shaping their industries and start to map out your own realistic and achievable goals.

  • Modern Black leaders across countries and industries
  • Outlining individual and professional development goals
  • Group discussion: Meet your peers and share your goals

Assignment #01: Work on creating your individual and professional development goals.
Go deeper: Identify your blockers and come up with an action plan.

03: Authentic Leadership

Consider what makes a good leader by delving into different leadership styles and critical leadership skills. How do these apply to you?

  • Applying leadership approaches
  • Group discussion: Identifying critical leadership skills
  • Workshop: Recognizing your assets and value

Assignment #02: Reach out to five people that you know well (e.g., family, friends, colleagues) and ask them to come up with three adjectives that best describe you. What did you learn? Was there anything that surprised you?
Go deeper: Explore your leadership style by outlining your personal assets and value.

04: Critical Thinking for Leaders

Good leaders don’t just see things one way. Learn how to recognize traps and trends and how to reason effectively.

  • Effective reasoning
  • Recognizing thinking traps
  • Problem-solving techniques
05: Make Your Voice Heard

Discover the keys to successful negotiation and improving the status quo for yourself, your team, and your organization.

  • Negotiation strategies, styles, and tactics
  • Rethinking negotiation as problem-solving
  • Influencing key stakeholders
  • Workshop: Getting more out of your negotiations

Assignment #03: Watch the videos provided and determine which negotiations are most successful and why. What negotiation tactics did you observe? What kind of behaviors make someone more or less successful when negotiating?
Go deeper: Negotiate a deal, develop a pitch, and record yourself presenting it. Reflect on this activity and evaluate your group members’ performances.

06: Active Listening

In any conversation, it’s easy for things to go unnoticed and overlooked – which can cause misunderstandings and conflict. Learn how to earn the trust and respect of your team and form healthy relationships in the workplace.

  • Avoiding miscommunication
  • 7 stages of active listening
  • Assertive communication and boundaries

Assignment #04: Think of a time when you experienced miscommunication. How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome? What could be done to avoid this situation in the future?
Go deeper: Watch the video provided and explain why miscommunication happened. How could it be avoided?

07: Giving and Receiving Feedback

In this class, you’ll discover how to effectively give and receive feedback to build a healthy communication flow, boost productivity and engagement, and achieve better results as a team.

  • Understanding motivational drivers
  • Emotional intelligence and communication methods
  • Effective feedback tools and techniques
  • Workshop: Structured models for giving and receiving feedback
08: Leading Teams With Courage: Fireside Chat with a Guest Speaker

Good leaders know the value of courage and compassion, including the courage to let others do what they do best. Dive into what it means to lead with courage and how to take the right risks.

  • A values-based leadership approach
  • Enabling your team to develop and deliver
  • Handling conflict
  • Taking risks and making informed decisions
09: Making Your Organization Diverse & Inclusive: Fireside Chat with a Guest Speaker

A diverse and inclusive company is made up of a healthy balance of people from different backgrounds. Learn how to create change within your own team or organization.

  • Addressing under-representation
  • Implementing an equality lens
  • Fireside chat: Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Assignment #05: Reflect on what you’ve heard in class and identify three main takeaways.
Go deeper: Create a D&I action plan for your team or organization.

10: Expand Your Network

Part of being an effective leader is acting as a mentor or coach to others in your sphere of influence. Learn techniques for 1-1 coaching sessions and the benefits of cultivating a productive and meaningful network of your own.

  • The importance of connecting
  • Getting guidance
  • Finding the right mentor to unlock your potential
  • Workshop: Coaching others and the GROW technique

Assignment #06: Watch the video provided on sponsorship. List three key takeaways and three steps you will take to find people who can help you.
Go deeper: Build your network map.

11: Setting Leadership KPIs: Fireside Chat with a Guest Speaker

Setting clear goals is important, but how do you ensure you achieve them? With measurable progress and outcomes, you’ll set yourself up for future success.

  • Steps for achieving professional aspirations
  • Insights for designing your development plan
  • Fireside chat: KPIs that reflect your strategic priorities

Assignment #07: Fill in the personal KPIs template.

12: Refining Your Development Plan

It’s time to put all your knowledge into practice and finalize your development plan.

  • Identifying future development needs
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Celebrating progress and preparing for what’s next

Assignment #08: Finalize your development plan.

Break boundaries and elevate Black leadership. Get career mentorship that will help you navigate negotiations and create a career development plan. Perfect for aspiring Black leaders and those who want to create opportunities for them.
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