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What is your professional background?
I have a job as a graphic designer
I have a job as a copywriter
I have a job in marketing
I am a student
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What is your primary goal for the course?
I want to progress in my career / change career paths
I want to expand my skill set for better campaigns
I want to apply the knowledge to a project I’m working on
All of the above
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What is your creative direction experience?
I have some work experience
I have studied marketing
I am new to copywriting but have some design experience
I am new to design but have some copywriting experience

The average creative director in the US makes $185,000+ a year

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What is your connection to the marketing industry?

I like marketing as a subject

I like following the industry & social media trends
I have a job in marketing
All of the above
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Why would you like to work in the marketing industry?
I want to lead campaigns from start to finish
I want to have fun doing a creative job 
I want to have a well-paid job 
I want to have a stable job 
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What is your current income level?
Under $20,000/year
Over $100,000/year
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What would you like to work on?

I want to work on social media campaigns

I am working on promoting my own business
I want to work on branding
I am open to any opportunities

The global marketing market size is HUGE!

It reached $322.2B in 2022 and is expected to hit $689.8B by 2028
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What made you interested in the course?
The instructor’s - Ari Halper - experience
The insight into the marketing industry
The topics on the syllabus 
All of the above
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What would you like to gain from the course?
The platform to practice everything learned
The portfolio - projects, case studies, LIVE workshops
The career guidance
All of the above
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What social media platform do you enjoy?
Ari Halper
  • Global ECD and the Head of Creative Excellence, R/GA
  • Transformed FCB New York with award-winning ideas like Whopper Detour for Burger King.
  • Garnered industry recognition, including an Emmy & Oscar shortlist.
  • Led consecutive record-breaking performances at R/GA with impactful campaigns.
  • Contributed to Grey New York's resurgence, winning Agency of the Year.
  • Spearheaded campaigns that made a difference, from E*TRADE Baby to gun safety advocacy.
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How do you learn best?
I like applying everything I learn through practical exercises
I like receiving guidance from the instructor every step of the way
I like learning through group discussions with my peers
All of the above
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What type of student are you?
I enjoy collaborating with other students on the projects
I enjoy networking with other professionals 
I enjoy concentrating on my own learning
I enjoy concentrating on my own learning, but see the benefit of peer feedback
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What is your seniority level at your company? 
Don’t take our word for it - see for yourself!
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After completing the course and setting out on your journey to become a creative director in the marketing industry, you will be confident in:
Creating a 360-degree ad campaign
Interviewing and portfolio-building
Managing client relationships & brand identity
Brainstorming both visual & written content
Creating a comprehensive proposal, market analysis & implementation plan
Hiring & firing members to form the best creative team for your goals
Direct successful campaigns
Stop firing & start hiring better! Learn to create the perfect team. Ari will show you how to improve your leadership, client rapport, and business strategies. Ideal for anyone who wants to be a better creative director.
Your result

As you consider applying to the Creative Direction course, it's important to recognize the specific skills and benefits this specialized training offers.

The course kicks off on April 23rd, 2024. Take advantage of the 7 workshops, 11 case studies, and final project directed by Ari Halper

The full tuition for 12 live classes, the career guidance, and personalized feedback from Ari is normally valued at $2,790. Based on your answers, we can cover $837 of the whole tuition, bringing it down to $1,953 for you, or $162 per class.

Make it more manageable $488.25 per month

00: Welcome Class

Ready to start? Chat with your instructor, navigate the course structure, and unveil the exciting assignments & the final project that will propel you toward success during the course.

  • Meet your instructor
  • Housekeeping rules
  • Course structure
  • Assignments & final project overview
01: Introduction to Creative Direction

What does a creative director do? Everyone has their eyes on them, and they have to build relationships, manage clients, create presentations, and more. Discover the very essence of their role, and embrace a leadership style that breathes creativity.

  • What is Creative Direction?
  • Main tasks, career paths, and levels
  • What it means & takes to be a CD
  • Learning from Darwin
  • Never lose sight of the craft

Assignment #1: Idea Execution
Share an example where an idea was great but the execution wasn’t and vice versa and explain why.

02: Conceptual Thinking and Creative Strategy + Guest Speaker

You have a big idea, but you’re not sure how it will resonate with others. Dive deeper into storytelling, brand narratives, insights, and your strategies. Then learn how to keep building upon good ideas to make them great.

  • Developing creative concepts
  • Understanding and applying marketing strategy
  • Aligning creative strategy with business objectives
  • The intersection between client vision & creative expertise
  • Workshop 1: Creative Solutions

Assignment #2: Ad Analysis
Pick your favorite ad created by someone else and try to identify what the strategic unlock was beneath it. Not the creative aha, but the strategy aha.

03: Building Creative Teams and Processes

Learn how to hire for both creative and non-creative roles to create a powerhouse team to tackle your must-dos. Create a healthy work environment where diversity, training, and performance reviews support team efforts.

  • Team management - how to hire and fire
  • Choosing the right vendors
  • Communication within creative teams
  • Creative process optimization
  • Evaluation and performance management

Assignment #3: Interview
Students get in pairs to interview one another while filming it.

04: Elevate Your Team

Every team member is different and has various needs. Learn how to give better feedback to hack your company’s culture. Set the tone, goals, and time to give credit where it’s due.

  • Effective feedback strategies
  • Managing egos & empathy
  • The credit conundrum
  • Cultivating career development
  • Workshop 2: Constructive Feedback
05: Troubleshooting and Benchmarking

Be creative, curious, and caring. Learn to navigate unexpected challenges, transforming setbacks into growth opportunities. Embrace resilience, uphold accountability, and if at first, you don’t succeed, try again!

  • Identifying creative challenges
  • Root cause analysis
  • Adapting to changing trends
  • Adversity is your friend
  • Workshop 3: Experience with Creative Directors
06: Working with Clients and Stakeholders + Guest Speaker

Repeat out loud: “Clients, no matter how uncooperative, are allies, not adversaries”. Master interactions, gaining trust, and using data to forge stronger relationships. Keep your clients happy while guarding your expertise.

  • Understanding client expectations
  • Communicating your vision and defending your work
  • Building and maintaining client relationships
  • Negotiating contracts and agreements
  • Case study: Creative businesses that are known for strong client relationships
07: The Business of Creative Direction

Learn how to be profitable without compromising creativity while growing your business organically. Take a look at how other agencies have succeeded and failed to get a better understanding of the business side of the industry.

  • The economics of the creative industry
  • Efficient chaos
  • Great work leads to more work
  • Every ad you make is for your agency as well
08: Budgeting and Project Management + Guest Speaker

Hand the baton over to a project manager and get a better understanding of how to allocate the budget to include a PM if you’re too small to afford one. Figure out what sources to tap into for more money and how to pick a proactive PM.

  • Production Budgeting
  • Project management is your friend for all other budgeting
  • Managing budgets and resources
  • Balancing creativity with practical constraints
  • Workshop 4: Project Management Case Study

Assignment #4: Pitch Scope
Look at the scope for a fictitious pitch. What’s right with it? What needs revising?

09: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Creative Direction

In the creative industry, it's easy for ideas to be copied and common for biases to get in the way. Protect everyone’s interest and be prepared for the most unexpected scenarios. Gain a better understanding of the legal and ethical pitfalls surrounding your business and how to work around them.

  • Navigating ethical dilemmas in the creative industry
  • Workplace ethics
  • Navigating proprietary rights as a creative director
  • Protecting your work
  • Workshop 5: Copyright Case Analysis
10: Transforming Creative Businesses with Emerging Technologies + Guest Speaker

Use every tool at your disposal! With new tech constantly reshaping the industry learn how to stay ahead. Leverage the latest tools and start working on your course project where you’ll create a presentation for a CD strategy.

  • AI and ML in creative direction
  • The impact of AR/VR on design & user experience
  • Blockchain, NFTs & The Metaverse
  • Trend forecasting and innovation
  • Workshop 6: AI Prompting
  • Case study: Companies applying emerging technologies to creative direction

Assignment #5: AI Prompting
The students are given an endpoint and asked to document prompting to try and get to that end result.

11: Presenting Your Ideas

Explore the art of presenting. Know your stuff, avoid filler words, start strong, and engage your audience during your presentation. Close the gap between creating your vision and selling it. Find out how to say just enough to incite excitement.

  • Pitching ideas internally vs. externally
  • Rule of three - one over the line, one under, one on it
  • Two decks
  • Pitch theater
  • Workshop 7: Presenting your weekend
12: Working in Creative Direction

You’re one step away from working in the field! Now it’s time to take in all of the final tips and tricks needed to stay ahead of the competition!

  • Showcase your creative process
  • Emerging trends in the creative industry
  • Tips & tricks for creativity
  • Stay humble
Direct successful campaigns
Stop firing & start hiring better! Learn to create the perfect team. Ari will show you how to improve your leadership, client rapport, and business strategies. Ideal for anyone who wants to be a better creative director.
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