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Yury Glikin
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Behind the scenes of successful companies, a core of people-smart dealmakers drive profits by focusing on one thing: strategic business partnerships. This course will teach you about the types of strategic partnerships and help you master the art of developing win-win deals.

Whether you want to take on a partnerships management role at an established company or to bring more value to your own company, you’ll come away from this course understanding how to establish strategic partnerships that generate business value throughout the relationship lifecycle.

Business diplomat and elite partnerships architect Yury Glikin brings you what he’s learned about doing it right while working at multibillion-dollar businesses like and


Skills Incubator

Get to know the basics of building profitable business relationships through real-life case studies; then, get equipped to lead partnerships in the real world with weekly application assignments. This course will train you to seek out and close on transformative long-term partnerships.

Live and Personal

In eleven live streaming classes, Yury walks you through essential topics like identifying and courting potential partners, negotiating, and sustaining relationships. You’ll have access to Yury’s input for all your questions and big ideas.

Strategy Development & Making the Deal
What types of deals are right for your company? How can you make sure your pitch lands? This course trains you to be a smart deal-maker with robust lessons on negotiating, communication, and crafting strategic partnerships.
the Partnership
Get hacks into sourcing and outreaching new contacts remotely and insights into maximizing the impact of your personal network. Learn who to contact, how to craft your pitch, and what to know before you draw up the contract.
Soft Skills &
Between the Lines

You’ll practice assessing your potential partner and developing a pitch in hands-on assignments. Then you’ll take a deep dive into negotiating high-benefit deals over three lessons, concluding in a LIVE negotiating simulation.

LinkedIn Profile
  • Manager of Strategic Partnerships at, a platform connecting over 5.5 million clients in 160 countries
  • Closed deals across diverse industries between Ryanair, MSN, Getty Images, and other top grossing companies
  • Deal-driven networker behind high-grossing companies like and Orbitz
  • Passionate strategist and manager of 12,000-strong affiliate network
Deep dive: Strategic business partnerships

Develop a broad understanding of what a strategic business partnership is and the types that exist.

  • What is a strategic partnership?
  • Real-world value-adding partnerships
  • Commercially-driven and other types of partnerships
  • What makes an effective partnership and how can you avoid an ineffective one?

Assignment #1

Answer the following questions:

  • Identify an example of a partnership that has added value to a real-world business
  • Give an example of a strategic partnership that you would like to create
Preparation and approach

Develop a funnel for selecting prospective partners and fine-tune your strategy to approach them.

  • Which industries to focus on, what criteria to look for when deciding on the targets?
  • Creating a pipeline and prioritization
  • Sourcing contacts
  • Messaging skills, creating copy, outreach hacks

Assignment #2

  • Select a company to represent and 1-2 companies with which they wish to partner
  • Outline what type of partnership you want and why
  • Determine which approach of the ones we’ve discussed to take and who to approach within their organization
  • Come up with a pitch that you believe will be most persuasive to them
Focus on the people

Learn how to analyse your target partner and develop a strategy for approaching them.

  • How to make the initial connection
  • Adapting to the situation and personality types (4-color personality model)
  • Keep the dialogue open and ongoing
  • Different mediums for discussion – email, phone, face-to-face

Assignment #3

You will be given two partnership scenarios (e.g. a “red” personality type pitching a “blue” personality type) and discuss with your classmates how to best pitch the partnership based on the client’s personality type.

Structuring the right deal

Once you’ve established a connection, learn how to develop and initiate a proposal.

  • How to craft a pitch that lands
  • What does each party want, what's the “right” deal for you and for them?
  • Mastering the art of communication
  • Communication across cultural and geographical divides
  • What’s NOT being said and reading between the lines

Assignment #4

Using your selected company/prospect pairing, you will identify the opportunity and solution they want to present. Then, you will decide on the most suitable format for your pitch and develop it. We will workshop two of these together in class.

Operations, contracts, and “legalese”

Master the language of contracts, how to approach making one, and negotiate to win.

  • How to approach and review a contract, contract types
  • Everything is negotiable if you read between the lines
  • Identifying key clauses (and what can be chopped)
  • Common partner requests and challenges in contract reviews

Assignment #5

Review a sample contract and determine which elements are negotiable or “removable”. Then, develop your approach to remove or amend these.

Negotiating (Part 1)

You’ll learn the fundamentals of negotiating, situational awareness, and how to respond to cues from the other party during the negotiating process.

  • Get to a "No", then begin negotiating
  • Negotiating fundamentals and hacks
  • Reading and responding to the other party
Negotiating (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous class, you will identify patterns in the negotiations flow, how to modify your negotiating style for the other party, and how to get as close as possible to your ideal outcome.

  • Flexing and signalling
  • Structure expectations
  • Setting conditions before offers

Assignment #6

This is your chance to put what you’ve learned into action. You will be presented with an unfavorable negotiation scenario from a business partner. Come up with a way to address the situation and turn it into a win.

LIVE Negotiation Simulation

In this class, you will work with a partner to try to clear the deal from our previous simulation, using negotiation hacks discussed in 2 previous classes

Implementation & Rollout

Students will have an understanding of the key elements required to take a strategic partnership live and how to ensure it operates at its best capacity.

  • It's not live until it's live
  • Driving the rollout schedule (how to work with the partner to get the best possible schedule for pushing the partnership lifecycle)
  • Prioritization and how to focus competing resources

Students will understand how to evaluate deals, what to do when deals go sour and how to smooth over road bumps.

  • What not to do and common mistakes
  • When deals go bad
  • Is there a walk-away point?

Assignment #7

Analyze a scenario where a deal has broken down pre- or post- signing and sort out the reasons for this. You can use either a scenario the instructor will provide or choose one from your own experience.

Ongoing account management

Learn how to ensure the partnership is working at its optimum capacity and how to identify and resolve issues of diminishing growth or attrition.

  • Ongoing involvement, communication
  • Making a partnership last
  • Growth vs. Stagnation
  • How a partnership can evolve and how you need to evolve with it

Assignment #8

You will be presented with two or three scenarios where the partnership is experiencing some issues. Design a strategy to resolve this situation.

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