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What is your professional background?
I have a job in basketball coaching
I have a job in a relevant role
I have a job as a scout or team manager
I am a sports enthusiast
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What is your primary goal for the course?
I want to progress in my career / change career paths
I want to expand my skill set into basketball player development
I want to apply the knowledge to a project I’m working on
All of the above
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What is your basketball experience?
I have some coaching work experience
I have studied basketball player strategies
I am new to basketball player development but have other relevant experience
I am new to basketball player development

The National Basketball Association’s total league revenue for 2022/23 was over $10B!

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What is your connection to the sports industry?

I like following the industry news / creators / competitions

I have a sports-related education
I have a job in the sports industry
All of the above
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Why would you like to work in the sports industry?
I want to work on the sports I enjoy
I want to have fun doing a creative job 
I want to have a well-paid job 
I want to have a stable job 
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What is your current income level?
Under $20,000/year
Over $100,000/year
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Where would you like to work?

I want to work with high school teams

I want to work with college teams
I want to work with professional-level teams
I am open to all opportunities

Become a part of a rapidly growing industry!

Last year the average value of a National Basketball Association team was $3.85B!
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What made you interested in the course?
The instructor’s - Dave Severns’ - experience
The insight into the sports industry
The topics on the syllabus 
All of the above
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What would you like to gain from the course?
The platform to practice everything learned
The player development program, workshops & guest speakers
The career guidance
All of the above
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What basketball league do you enjoy?
National Basketball Association
NBA G League
NCAA Men’s Basketball Division
Dave Severns
  • Boasts 44 years of coaching and scouting, including 13 in the National Basketball League and 25 in teaching.
  • Trained with Tim Grover in Chicago for 5 summers, specializing in player development and pre-draft workouts.
  • Served as Director of Player Development/Assistant Coach with the Chicago Bulls and LA Clippers.
  • Spent 5 years as a Pro Personnel Scout with the LA Clippers, now globetrotting for clinics and consulting.
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How do you learn best?
I like applying everything I learn through practical exercises
I like receiving guidance from the instructors every step of the way
I like learning through group discussions with my peers
All of the above
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What type of student are you?
I enjoy collaborating with other students on the projects
I enjoy networking with other professionals 
I enjoy concentrating on my own learning
I enjoy concentrating on my own learning, but see the benefit of peer feedback
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What is your seniority level at your company? 
“I love how the course is paced - the lessons built on each other each week so it's much easier to digest the information in smaller chunks rather than it feeling overwhelming coming all at once. I also love how supportive everyone is of each other and that folks share information and tips to help everyone succeed.”
Tyler completed ELVTR course in May
Tyler completed ELVTR course in May
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After completing the course and setting out on your journey into the Sports industry, you will be confident in:
Creating position-specific training regimens
Managing media and personal branding
Crafting an Individual Player Development Program
Instilling a high basketball IQ into your players
Getting hired as you launch your career
Using social media and handling PR
Leveraging basketball data analytics
Turn amateurs into pros
Use data to create the next basketball GOAT. Learn how to make a personalized player development plan from analytics. Calling all coaches, managers, and scouts who want to break into the business and produce National Basketball Association-level players.
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As you consider applying to the NBA-Level Player Development course, it's important to recognize the specific skills and benefits this specialized training offers.

Save the date! Your course starts on April 18th, 2024. Swish to the top with 4 workshops, 3 labs, and mock interviews from Dave Severns.

The full tuition for 12 live classes, the career guidance, and personalized feedback from Dave is normally valued at $2,590. Based on your answers, we can cover $777 of the whole tuition, bringing it down to $1,813 for you, or $151 per class.

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00: Welcome Class

Get to know your instructor, Dave Severns. With 44 years of experience in coaching & scouting, he’s ready to introduce his knowledge and experience while going over course expectations.

  • Instructor introduction
  • General housekeeping
  • Assignment overview
01: Introduction to Basketball Player Development

Get an eagle’s eye view of the industry from day one and train your eye to recognize skill. Learn how to develop raw player skills while identifying areas for growth along the way.

  • What makes a player great: physical, mental & elite-level skills
  • Identifying areas for growth
  • Lab: Analyze training videos to identify pitfalls and areas for growth. Use videos of teaching situations & player development plans.
02: Program Design and Goal Setting

Let’s huddle! We’re going to be starting our final project today to develop the next basketball superstar. But first, we need to solidify our scouting skills and incorporate them into a player development plan. There are different aspects to scouting that we’re going to learn. Let’s goooo!

  • Scouting a player
  • Identifying player strengths & weaknesses
  • Setting goals: SMART goals and GROW model
  • Demo: Individual Player Development Plan

Introduction to Final Project
Check out two examples of a finalized player development plan – explain & discuss the project.

03: Skills Acquisition and Teaching Shooting + Guest Speaker

Swish! That’s music to every coach’s ear. Today we’ll tackle the different techniques for shooting based on level and gender. To make sure your rising star hits nothing but buckets, you’ll develop a philosophy for teaching shooting and meet a shooting expert.

  • Styles and strategies for different age groups and genders
  • Feedback: Internal & external cueing
  • Case study: Examine a struggling player & offer solutions based on theories
  • Guest speaker: John Townsend, Shooting coach for several teams

Assignment #1: “Shooting Absolutes”
Students will identify the 5 fundamentals of shooting that they see as most important.

04: Developing Point Guards

What’s the secret to developing a perfect point guard? It’s time to break down the needed skills and study them. In small groups, you’ll identify the strengths and weaknesses of an assigned player and give suggestions for improvement based on your video analysis.

  • Training regimens for point guards
  • Skill development: Passing, ball handling, shooting & defense
  • Decision-making, leadership & finishing
  • Workshop: Point Guard’s Skill Improvement Plan

Assignment #2: Video analysis of point guard skills
Analyze 3-4 minute point guard videos on selected players.

05: Developing Big Men

We’re moving on to developing our next type of player – the big men. Learn how to develop skills such as rebounding, shooting & defense by giving appropriate suggestions. Analyze each video to prepare your player for success.

  • Training regimens for big men
  • Skill development: Pick & roll, low post play, and finishing
  • Lab: Analyze training videos – Dave will coach the class through certain points and ask for feedback.
06: Developing Wing Players

Welcome to the art of coaching! You’ll be given a player to train, and based on their video you’ll diagnose them and design a 45-minute workout plan. As you prepare your wing player for top-level competition, you’ll get hands-on with next-level coaching.

  • Training regimens for wing players
  • Skill development: 5 different areas
  • Workshop: Creating a Workout Plan

Assignment #3: Video analysis of Wing skills.

07: Strategy

Push yourself to create the ideal workout plan for versatility. After all, the future of the National Basketball Association will be supported by molding versatile players. Understand the current basketball landscape and where strategies are heading in the pro leagues & colleges.

  • Game strategy
  • College vs. National Basketball Association strategy
  • Positionless basketball
  • Workshop: Analyze game footage of different teams’ strategies
08: Technology and Analysis in Basketball

Analytics are making slam dunks in basketball. Now it’s your turn to take data and combine these insights into your player development plan.

  • Game film analysis: Examine game tapes using CoachNow
  • Advanced basketball metrics
  • Lab: Analyze player stats & predict performance with Basketball Reference
  • Demo: Synergy Sports - Utilizing software for game analysis

Assignment #4: Data-focused Recommendations
Identify 4-5 player stats and 2-3 strengths & weaknesses. Then provide 2-3 data-based recommendations.

09: How to Develop BBIQ + Guest Speaker

Read the game. Understand plays. Make decisions. All of these skills are reflected in a player's Basketball IQ, and we’ll discuss how to build this intelligence into your players. Get ready to engage with Kobe Bryant’s former game strategist to learn how you can make smart game strategies.

  • Basketball IQ
  • Leadership traits for coaches (on & off the court)
  • Guest speaker: Mike Procopio, ex-Dallas Mavericks Dir. of Player Development

Assignment #5: Leadership reflection
Identify and reflect on your leadership style.

10: How to Break into the Business + Guest Speaker

Scouting players? Check! Player development? Check! Finding a job? Check out how to build your brand and get hired! Prepare yourself for the different roles available and learn from a coach who has successfully launched his career developing players.

  • How to get hired
  • Career advice
  • Interview tips
  • College vs. professional basketball & individual training roles
  • Guest speaker: Phil Beckner from Driven Basketball
11: Media Training and PR

Level up your social media game. As marketing evolves, so do our approaches as coaches. Grasp methods to position yourself as a champion while learning from the mistakes of existing trainers.

  • Marketing yourself
  • Creating your brand
  • Supporting players through adversity
  • Social media do's and don'ts
  • Workshop: Critiquing Trainers 

Assignment #6: Trainer critique
Write a brief critique of a trainer’s video and suggest improvements.

12: Continuous Improvement and Longevity

Advance from coaching college-level players to professionals – by understanding the draft process, Summer League, rookie transition, and common pitfalls. You’ve trained for this moment! Now it’s time to take your final project and put it into action!

  • From college to professional basketball
  • Long-term development & continuous improvement
  • Longevity in the league
  • Case study: Managing career transitions with real-life player transition cases

Final Project: Individual Player Development Plan Components
Complete an off-season plan, in-season plan, player goals, analytical season summer, and focus areas for offense & defense.

Turn amateurs into pros
Use data to create the next basketball GOAT. Learn how to make a personalized player development plan from analytics. Calling all coaches, managers, and scouts who want to break into the business and produce National Basketball Association-level players.
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