March 6 - April 29
Live online course
5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST
March 6 - April 29
Master the realm of AI product design with comprehensive expertise and hands-on insights.
ROBERT REDMOND - Intro to AI Product Design, Live online course elvtr



ROBERT REDMOND - Intro to AI Product Design, Live online course elvtr
A product designer interested in AI / ML
Craft user-centric designs, identify applications of Deep Learning, and use KPIs to set goals for your products.
ROBERT REDMOND - Intro to AI Product Design, Live online course elvtr
Looking how to craft AI products start to finish
Improve user experiences by utilizing data to reduce biases and design workflows for effective collaboration with diverse teams.
ROBERT REDMOND - Intro to AI Product Design, Live online course elvtr
Willing to use AI to level up your design skills
You already know how to use a design tool(s) but you need to understand human-computer interactions still.
AI is the future: Invest in products that ensure lasting impact.
Level up your current skills to create user personas, journey maps, and rapid prototypes that secure your employment future.
Learn in real-time and from firsthand experiences.
Enjoy networking, group chats, 1-on-1 sessions, personalized feedback, career guidance & a portfolio project to boost job prospects.
Engage in interactive learning. Manage end-to-end processes, analyze validation data, and improve the functionality of your AI systems.
Case studies
Explore examples to unlock insights on information architecture, user research data, and recommendation systems.
Course project
Solve a user problem by ideating, developing, and refining a product concept that harnesses AI.
Design Principal of AI Product Design, IBM
Over 20 years of creating products driven by data and intelligence

Crafted AI/ML products at IBM’s The Weather Company

Worked to relaunch Fortune 500 brands with strategies that evolve brands’ digital experiences

Fueled by a passion for shaders, tools, procedural art, prototyping, look development, problem-solving, and team empowerment.

Utilized the AI-powered ad products, Watson Conversations and IBM Advertising Accelerator, to bring products to customers at scale
Introduction to AI/ML and Human-Centered Design
TUE (3/5), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Meet Your Instructor & Course Overview

Ready to start? Chat with your instructor, navigate the course structure, and unveil the exciting assignments & the final project that will propel you toward success during the course.

  • Instructor introduction
  • Course objectives & flow
  • Q&A
WED (3/6), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
AI as a Tool for Innovation & Empowering Human-Centered Design

Master the fundamentals of AI and its applications in user-centered design, placing user needs at the core of innovative technology and data integration.

  • Introduction to artificial intelligence and applications
  • Trends: ChatGPT, LLM, machine learning, neural networks, foundation models
  • Human-centered design for AI product development
  • AI product lifecycle exploration
  • Case study: Human-computer interaction

Assignment #1: Explore AI Integration in Real-World Products
Discover a real-life product harnessing AI, decipher its AI integration, and elucidate the value it delivers to both the business and the user.

MON (3/11), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
AI Fundamentals: Understanding Machine Learning Principles

Learn the principles of Machine Learning, distinguishing between supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Apply linear regression models to enhance design by integrating predictive capabilities.

  • Technical learning for design
  • Machine learning essentials
  • Algorithms: supervised & unsupervised
  • AI-driven data analysis: Exploring clustering mechanisms
  • Demo: Real-world linear regression prediction

Assignment #2: Designing for Predictive Systems
Enhance subscriber retention through predictive design. Explore innovative strategies, and present your ideas in written or wireframe format.

WED (3/13), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Unlocking Deep Learning's Potential in Product Design Applications

In this class, you’ll explore neural network architecture, applications in product design, and the potential of Generative AI. We’ll also talk about applying RNN and NLP techniques.

  • Complex algorithm introduction
  • Neural network architecture overview
  • Deep learning applications
  • NN and Generative AI impacts and uses
  • RNN, NLP, LLM exploration
  • Demos: Neural Network applications & Generative AI in action

Assignment #3: Experimentation with Complex Algorithms
Dive into the world of AI experimentation using open and free-access models like MidJourney, Dallé, and OpenAI's ChatGPT. Showcase your unique creations and discoveries with these tools.

Bonus Assignment: Discover and evaluate an app that leverages GAI or Neural Networks. Analyze how the AI enhances user experience and the product itself. Highlight any unique design elements that exemplify its value.

User Experience Design for AI
MON (3/18), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Designing AI User Experiences

Unlock the essentials to crafting exceptional user experiences for AI-driven products. Dive into UI/UX design, AI-powered recommendations visualization, explainability, and harness AI tools for your design arsenal.

  • Prior task: Product review
  • UI & Interaction design
  • Patterns & frameworks usage
  • Designing for explainability & transparency
  • AI within the Toolkit
  • Case study: AI recommendation visualization
  • Demo: Figma & Adobe Creative Cloud techniques

Assignment #4: Experimentation with Advance Features
Dive into AI-driven plugin experimentation. Harness your creativity to design a prototype or wireframe integrating AI, ML, or GAI tech, all linked to your career path.

WED (3/20), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Ethical Considerations in AI Product Design

Empower yourself to create AI systems that are ethical, unbiased, and inclusive, aligning with societal values and user needs.

  • Understanding biases in AI algorithms & data
  • Ensuring fairness, diversity, & inclusivity in AI design
  • Protecting user data & ensuring data privacy
  • Compliance with regulations & standards
  • Aligning AI systems with societal values

Assignment #5: Promote Ethical Data Use
Analyze potential biases in our subscription churn prediction experiment, identifying ways they could lead to harmful or unintended outcomes, and propose measures to ensure data-driven decisions are fair and ethical.

MON (3/25), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Setting Clear Goals for AI Products

Develop the skills to analyze KPIs and user feedback to refine and achieve product goals, driving effective AI product development.

  • Establishing measurable AI integration goals
  • Identifying metrics for AI product success (KPIs)
  • Conversion, retention, acquisition, engagement, etc.
  • Designing for one vs. multiple metrics impact
  • Incorporating user feedback, iterating for improvement

Assignment #6: Product Invention — Find a Problem to Solve with AI
Explore your chosen domain, identify a pressing user problem, and develop a concept for an AI-driven solution. Create a concise white paper outlining your product's functionality, expected outcomes, and the necessary requirements for implementation.

WED (3/27), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Information Architecture & User Alignment for AI Products

Enhance your AI product design skills by optimizing data structures, aligning user goals with AI features, and prioritizing user-centric design through personas and journey mapping.

  • Role of information architecture in AI: Efficient data models and hierarchies
  • Organizing and structuring data for AI applications
  • User alignment strategies: Mapping user goals and AI features
  • User personas and scenarios: Creating personas and journey mapping
  • Case study: Analyzing IA in successful AI products

Assignment #7: Defining Data & Information Flow, Sourcing & Creating
Visualize the flow – transform your white paper and sketches into a dynamic data flow diagram, elucidating the origins of data and the means to source or generate it. Discover insights from illustrative examples for effectively orchestrating information flow in the age of technology and human collaboration.

Design Process for AI Products
MON (4/8), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Concept Generation, Prototyping, & Testing

Empower yourself to conceive, prototype, and validate AI-driven product ideas, expertly integrating AI solutions to address user needs while honing your agility in crafting interactive AI prototypes.

  • Reviewing product concepts
  • Applying AI to solve user problems
  • Rapid prototyping methods with AI tools & platforms
  • Use of Pencils in AI
  • User testing, iteration, & building interactive AI prototypes
  • Workshop: Prototyping & interactions

Assignment #8: Initial Feature Definition & Prototyping Core Features
Breathe life into your product concept by creating wireframes that illustrate core features, detailing user interactions, processes, and UI outcomes.

WED (4/10), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Designing Flows, User Experiences, & Layout for AI Products

Craft intuitive user experiences for AI products and understand the pivotal role of UX design in enhancing user engagement and product adoption.

  • Crafting AI-powered interaction user flows
  • Designing seamless user experiences in AI products
  • Case study: UX design's impact on AI product adoption and engagement

Assignment #9: Continue Developing Your Concept
Elevate your concept with engaging UI designs that emphasize UX, leveraging elements like color, imagery, iconography, and text to showcase the AI's user experience enhancements.

MON (4/15), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
End-to-End Pipeline for Designing AI Products

In this class, you'll gain expertise in navigating the AI product development lifecycle, devising effective strategies for AI solution planning and deployment, and implementing efficient management techniques for models and data pipelines.

  • AI product development lifecycle phases
  • Strategies for managing AI models and data pipelines
  • Requirements for AI engineers in designs and prototypes
  • Testing, refinement, and feature
  • Workshop: End-to-end AI product design management
WED (4/17), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Leveraging User Research Data for AI Product Design

Unlock the potential of user research data to elevate your AI product design, encompassing research mastery, data integration, A/B testing, experimentation, and real-world case study applications.

  • User research methods
  • Using user research data effectively
  • A/B testing and experimentation
  • Case studies: AI product design with user research
  • Workshop: Enhancing AI system with validation data

Assignment #10: Gather Feedback via Simplistic Methods
Engage friends or family to review your app, gather feedback on UX aspects, and categorize responses to enhance usability and identify critical improvements.

MON (4/22), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Design Reviews & Presentations

Enhance your ability to conduct effective design reviews, offer constructive feedback and adeptly manage design documentation & stakeholder expectations.

  • Purpose & importance of design reviews
  • Structuring effective design reviews
  • Constructive feedback & iteration
  • Design documentation & presentation
  • Addressing stakeholder concerns

Assignment #11: Getting, Applying, & Refocusing Feedback
Craft a 1-2 minute storytelling presentation showcasing your reaction to feedback. Submit along with your Designed AI solution work-in-progress document.

Stakeholder Collaboration and Professional Development
WED (4/24), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Collaboration with Key Stakeholders

Gain insight into how to bridge design and technical teams through compelling storytelling and agile workflows, fostering seamless and collaborative product design journeys.

  • Cross-functional collaboration: developers, data scientists, & stakeholders
  • Bridging design and technical teams through effective communication
  • Effective storytelling for AI product design
  • Embracing Agile workflows for iterative, collaborative processes
  • Incorporating feedback
MON (4/29), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Career Guidance & Professional Development + Guest Speaker

Navigate the AI product design landscape, learn how to craft a compelling portfolio, and gain career insights from industry experts.

  • Exploring AI product design role requirements
  • Building a professional AI portfolio
  • Industry insights and perspectives
“The group activities, they allow us to interact and exchange ideas, plus the way it is structured is challenging and mind twisting as we collaborate in different parts of the ideation.”
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“Overall I'm impressed with the level of detail and explanation around particular topics and subjects. There's a real depth to each module which for learning allows the information to stay in your brain.”
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Linkedin profile
“I really enjoy the format of the course. Lectures with real life examples and an ongoing case study. Also built in 20 minutes at the end of each class for questions is helpful.”
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