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What is your professional background?
I have a job in Marketing or Partnerships
I have a job in a relevant role
I have a job in another field 
I am a student 
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What is your primary goal for the course?
I want to progress in my career/ change career paths
I want to expand my skill set into Marketing or Partnerships
I want to apply the knowledge to a project I’m working on
All of the above
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What is your Marketing or Partnerships experience?
I have Marketing &/or Partnerships work experience
I have studied Marketing &/or Partnerships
I am new to Marketing & Partnerships, but have other relevant experience
I am new to Marketing & Partnerships
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Marketing & Partnership specialists in the sports industry can make $101k per year, according to Glassdoor

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What is your connection to the sports industry?

I like following the industry news / creators / competitions

I have a sports-related education
I have a job in the sports industry
All of the above
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Why would you like to work in the sports industry?
I want to work on the sports I enjoy
I want to have fun doing a creative job 
I want to have a well-paid job 
I want to have a stable job 
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What is your current income level?
Under $20,000/year


Over $100,000/year
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Where would you like to work?

I want to work for sports teams

I want to work for sports brands

I am applying this to my own business

I am open to any opportunities 
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Become a part of a rapidly growing industry!

The sports industry is projected to reach $90billion in 2024
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What made you interested in the course?
The instructors’ - Scott Gwartz & Chris Baker - experience
The insight into the sports industry
The topics on the syllabus 
All of the above
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What would you like to gain from the course?

The platform to practice everything learnt
The portfolio - projects, case studies, real life examples
The career guidance

All of the above

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What sports do you enjoy?
Tennis / Pickleball


Motorsports / Racing
Our instructors are ready to teach you!
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Scott & Chris

Our instructors are ready to teach you!

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How do you learn best?
I like applying everything I learn through practical exercises

I like receiving guidance from the instructors every step of the way

I like learning through group discussions with my peers

All of the above

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What type of student are you?
I enjoy collaborating with other students on the projects
I enjoy networking with other professionals 
I enjoy concentrating on my own learning
I enjoy concentrating on my own learning, but see the benefit in peer feedback 
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What is your seniority level at your company? 
Don’t take our word for it - see for yourself!
Your result
After completing the course and setting out on your journey into Marketing & Partnerships in the Sports industry, you will be confident in:
Creating Marketing & Brand Strategies
Conducting Market Research & Analytics
Navigating Media Relations & Broadcasting
Creating Sponsorship & Partnership Proposals
Exploring Risk Management Essentials
Writing out Term Sheets for Contracts
Managing Sports Events
Learn how to excel at Sports Marketing & Partnerships with two expert instructors. Ideal for those looking to transfer their marketing, PR, business & sports management skills to promote brands.
Your result
After completing the course and setting out on your journey into Marketing & Partnerships in the Sports industry, you will be confident in:
00: Meet Your Instructors & Course Overview
  • Instructor introduction
  • Course objectives & flow
  • Q&A
01: Sponsorship & Partnerships Principles

Gain expertise in funding, sponsorship, and partnership strategies within collegiate and professional sports environments.


  • Funding, sponsorship & partnership principles
  • Definitions & importance
  • Key terminology & abbreviations
  • Structures: college vs. professional sports

Toolkit: Property Sponsorship Audit

Assignment #1: Property Sponsorship Audit

02: Strategic Planning + Workshop

Elevate your ability to strategically plan sponsorships and partnerships, crafting impactful proposals aligned with your objectives.


  • Importance of strategic planning
  • Elements of strategic planning for sponsorships & partnerships
  • Stakeholder evaluation & SWOT analysis
  • Developing & implementing a strategic plan
  • Sponsorship & partnership proposal
  • Workshop: Creating a sponsorship & partnership proposal

Toolkit: Sponsorship & Partnerships Proposal Template

Project Assignment #2: Sponsorship & Partnerships Proposal

03: Sales Process

Equip yourself with the skills to effectively identify and engage various types of buyers, master the unique dynamics of selling high-value sports products, and expertly navigate the entire sales process for successful partnerships in the sports industry.


  • Types of buyers
  • Categories: endemic & non-endemic
  • Big ticket items
  • Sales process

[Optional] Assignment #3: Client Sales Meeting

04: Negotiation & Contract Management + Workshop

Become adept at navigating sports marketing negotiations and contracts, using solution-based selling strategies, and fostering lasting partnerships with sports sponsors.


  • Refreshing & concluding the sales process
  • Negotiation techniques & strategies
  • Solution-based selling (and biggest mistakes)
  • Contract structures & components
  • Partnership & sponsorship agreements
  • Workshop: Drafting partnership & sponsorship agreements

Toolkit: Partnership & Sponsorship Agreements

Project Assignment #4: Term Sheet

05: Building Successful Partnerships + Guest Speaker

Learn how to achieve symbiotic partnerships through strategic alignment, transparent communication, and effective conflict resolution, enhancing success in the dynamic sports marketing field.


  • Aligning goals, vision & ROI
  • Establishing effective communication channels
  • Collaborative decision-making & conflict resolution
  • Maintaining successful partnerships
  • Guest speaker: Corporate partnership executive

[Optional] Assignment #5: Effectiveness Evaluation

06: Sponsorship & Partnership Activation + Guest Speaker

In this class, learn to craft impactful activation strategies for optimal ROIs in sports partnerships. Develop dynamic campaigns and measure their success.


  • Servicing & activating partnerships
  • Maximizing ROIs
  • Developing impactful activation strategies
  • Measuring & evaluating activation campaigns
  • Guest speaker: Account manager


Toolkit: Activation Plan Template

Project Assignment #6: Activation Plan

07: Partnership Project Management Essentials + Guest Speaker

Craft strategic project management plans for sports industry partnerships, honing leadership & communication prowess for seamless collaboration and project success.


  • Principles & processes of project management
  • Effective project management plans
  • Managing & communication skills
  • Project management software
  • Guest speaker: Effective project management


Assignment #7: Driving ROI/Exposure

08: Risk Management & Legal Issues + Guest Speaker

Learn to devise effective contingency plans and navigate legal intricacies in sports marketing partnerships for successful outcomes.


  • Identifying risks & challenges
  • Developing contingency & crisis management strategies
  • Legal considerations
  • Effective communication, expectations & transparency
  • Intellectual property rights & trademark protection
  • Guest speaker: Dispute resolution & compliance


[Optional] Assignment #8: Dispute Resolution Strategies

09: Sports Marketing Principles

We’ll start by dissecting the core elements of sports marketing, understanding market segmentation dynamics, and evaluating its transformative impact on brands through real-world case studies.


  • Marketing principles
  • Why sports marketing?
  • 4Ps of marketing
  • Consumer market & stakeholder segmentation vs. corporate strategy for brands
  • Case study

[Optional] Assignment #9: Case Study Analysis

10: Market Research

Master behavioral economics and market research techniques to drive impactful sports marketing strategies.


  • Behavioral Economics & Marketing
  • Market research & methods
  • Conducting market research & analyzing results
  • Demo: Conducting category market research


[Optional] Assignment #10: Market Research

11: Sports Marketing Strategy + Workshop

In this class, we’ll dive into sports marketing strategies, metrics, and implementation for successful sports-related products and events, adapting those strategies for dynamic market dynamics.


  • Types of sports marketing strategies
  • Key performance indicators & metrics
  • Implementing & adjusting strategy
  • Workshop: Developing a marketing strategy


Toolkit: Marketing Strategy Template

Project Assignment #11: Marketing Strategy

12: Branding & Customer Loyalty + Guest Speaker

Achieve brand mastery in the sports industry, crafting compelling strategies, fostering loyalty, and harnessing merchandise for immersive brand engagement.


  • Branding principles in sports & importance
  • Developing & fostering brand loyalty
  • Merchandise & sales
  • Guest speaker: Developing a successful brand strategy


Toolkit: Brand Strategy Template

Project Assignment #12: Brand Strategy

13: Digital Marketing & Analytics + Workshop

This class is all about digital marketing's influence in sports: we’ll talk about crafting targeted campaigns, leveraging social media, harnessing data analytics, and refining sports-specific marketing plans for a great result.


  • Digital marketing & applications
  • Social media & promotional marketing
  • Developing & implementing a digital marketing plan
  • Decision-making based on data analytics
  • Off-field data analytics
  • Workshop: Conducting & analyzing data


Assignment #13: Analytics & Digital Marketing

14: Sports Media & Communication + Guest Speaker

Learn effective sports media and communication, from crafting engaging press materials to navigating crises with finesse.


  • Media relations & planning
  • Crisis management & communication strategies
  • Elements of a press kit, release & conference
  • Guest speaker: Dealing with media


Toolkit: Press Kit, Release & Conference Template

Project Assignment #14: Press Kit

15: Media Rights & Broadcasting

Master the nuances of sports media rights and broadcasting, covering television, streaming services, guarantees, fees, and revenue sharing to excel in this dynamic field.


  • Media rights & broadcasting
  • Television & streaming services
  • Audience engagement
  • Guarantees, fees & revenue share
16: Event Planning & Management + Guest Speaker

How do you plan and execute flawless sports events? Learn how to apply essential principles and skills, including strategic logistics, budget management, and contingency planning.


  • Event planning & management principles
  • Logistics & timelines
  • Budgeting & resource allocation
  • Developing an event & backup plan
  • Guest speaker: Planning a successful event
17: Ethics & Social Responsibility in Sports

Acquire the skills to navigate ethical complexities in sports, from managing partnerships to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and fair play, ensuring informed and ethical decision-making.


  • Ethical considerations & social responsibility
  • Impact of partnerships & sponsorships on reputation
  • Ethical dilemmas & conflict of interest
  • Inclusivity, diversity & fair play
  • Strategies for ethical challenges & decision making
18: Future of Careers in Sports

How to achieve career success in the dynamic sports industry? We’ll talk about seizing opportunities, adapting to changes, and contributing to the world of sports marketing.


  • Emerging trends & opportunities
  • Skills & competencies for a career in sports
  • Role of technology in the future of sports
  • International markets & sports
  • Resume & interview guidelines


[Optional] Assignment #15: Resume & Cover Letter Review

Learn how to excel at Sports Marketing & Partnerships with two expert instructors. Ideal for those looking to transfer their marketing, PR, business & sports management skills to promote brands.
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