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Advanced UX/UI for Gaming


From Ivy Sang, UX/UI Design Lead from Blizzard and ex-Electronic Arts,

previously led projects for FIFA, NHL, UFC, Battlefield, Dragon Age, and Diablo 4

  • Master complex UX/UI techniques geared specifically towards games
  • Grow your network, industry knowledge & skills to adapt to the gaming world’s needs
  • Assess UX/UI feasibility within technical & production constraints
  • Capitalize player feedback to amplify data-driven decisions
  • Refine negotiation tactics and presentations to align UX/UI goals with stakeholders
  • Champion player interest by crafting designs adapted for multiple gaming platforms
6 March – 17 April
(7 weeks)

Target Audience

Who usually
buys this course
Skilled UX/UI Designers
Take your UX/UI experience and merge it with the gaming world. Elevate the skills you have by focusing on complex problem-solving, user experience strategies, and specialized interface design. Use your talent to keep the players playing. 
Game Dev Experts
Ready to change the game? As a developer or programmer, revamping your skills advocates for the players. Learn to integrate UX/UI design into your skillset to improve the quality of your games, for yourself and your users. 
UX/UI for Gaming Course Graduates
Welcome graduates, juniors, and entry-level designers! Ivy is going to help you take the way you approach UX/UI in games from basic to brilliant. The foundation is there. You just need to understand the gaming industry and get hands-on practice through class assignments. 

Inside Our Curriculum

What you’ll learn
  • Portfolio
    Produce 3 portfolio projects that parade your proficiency

    Document and prove your skills. Embark on creating successful gaming experiences by analyzing an existing game, focusing on areas for improvement, and increasing retention rates. You’ll introduce new game features that zoom in on player engagement through a feasibility lens. 

  • Strategies
    The course of action that ensures player satisfaction

    Ivy will help prepare you to take on high-level challenges by yourself. Through combining strategic planning with advanced UX/UI design techniques, you’ll be able to tackle roadblocks and prevent them from arising. 

  • Career
    Hop in the ELVTR, and level up!

    Each lesson will build upon your current capabilities to prepare you for senior roles within the gaming industry. You’ll enhance your personal brand and successfully ease into the job hunt with 1:1 mock interviews. 


About the course

📔  13 lessons
  19.5 learning hours
  1. Wed, 3/65 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Advanced Perspective on UX/UI for Gaming

    Embark on a journey to grasp the intricacies of advanced UX/UI design frameworks. Blend hard and soft skills to unravel the essentials behind crafting compelling player experiences.

    • Advanced UX/UI design framework
    • Revisiting the definition of UX/UI design in video games
    • Applying flowcharts, wireframes, and UI art mockups for complex tasks
    • Introduction to Case Study #1

    Assignment #1: Elevate the Current Player Experience (Project 1)
    Revamp the player experience in Case Study #1 by crafting experience visions, a flow chart, and wireframes in Figma for an existing game. Additionally, you’ll express your vision for feature improvement through a slide deck to present to stakeholders.

  2. Mon, 3/115 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Step 1: Define & Plan a Successful Game Experience

    Learn an expert approach to defining and planning immersive game experiences, from expanding in-game information to shaping cohesive gameplay flows, all while creating captivating visions and scoping with stakeholders. Join the hands-on workshops to give life to your gaming visions.

    • Expanding gameplay information
    • Defining experience visions with stakeholders
    • Workshop #1: Experience visions
    • Information architecture &  experience scope definition
    • Workshop #2: Card sorting
  3. Wed, 3/135 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Step 2: Persuade Stakeholders

    Navigate the intricate dance with stakeholders, transforming challenges into rapport-building opportunities. Learn to define and align success metrics, negotiate effectively, and handle industry challenges through hands-on exercises.

    • Stakeholder identification in the industry
    • Securing stakeholder buy-ins
    • Aligning success metrics with stakeholders
    • Workshop #3: Navigating challenging stakeholder moments
  4. Mon, 3/185 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Cross-Platform Game Experience

    Unlock the secrets of creating stellar cross-platform gaming experiences. Delve into considerations, processes, and real-world challenges for a gaming journey without boundaries.

    • Cross-platform design essentials
    • The process of designing cross-platform games
    • Translating design across platforms: Key principles
    • Workshop #4: Addressing real cross-platform industry challenges
  5. Wed, 3/205 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Player Engagement

    Learn to captivate players. Unravel the nuances of player engagement, exploring pillars like usability, discoverability, and desirability, and diving into the hands-on challenge of introducing a character customization feature.

    • Player engagement approach
    • What resources do players invest in? Let’s optimize them!
    • Pillars of video game player engagement
    • Introduction to Case Study #2
  6. Mon, 3/255 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Setting Goals & Success Metrics

    Understand how to set goals and metrics, tailored to elevate gaming features, as you immerse in hands-on exercises. Participate in a goal-setting workshop and inch closer to game development success!

    • Workshop #5: Character customization goals 
    • Metrics for usability, discoverability & desirability 
    • Project prioritization strategies

    Assignment #2: Character Customization (Project 2)
    Introduce a character customization feature. Embark on Module #2's project by innovating your game, setting goals, defining metrics, and visually presenting your vision through a flowchart and impactful wireframes/UI mockups.

  7. Wed, 3/275 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Player Research & Expert Review

    Learn to weave player insights and expert reviews into captivating gaming XP. Refine your design decisions with player profiles, feedback, and advanced usability tests.

    • Methods to make player-centric design decisions
    • Heuristic evaluation: Leveraging expert perspectives
    • Experience risks defined
    • Crafting mitigation plans
    • Workshop #6: Iterate goals based on player research information & expert decision
  8. Mon, 4/15 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Introducing Tech Feasibility Into Player Engagement Plan + Guest Speaker 

    Hit “start” to play today’s adventure! Uncover engine considerations and identify feasibility constraints. Keep player engagement in mind as you enhance your grasp of tech and production to elevate it.

    • Feasibility & tech constraints in game development
    • Approaching feasibility challenges
    • Game engine insights for UX/UI designers
    • Easy-to-implement tips to master feasibility challenges
    • Workshop #7: Iterate UX/UI goals with mock feasibility constraints
  9. Wed, 4/35 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Player Engagement Plan & Director Review

    Craft and deliver a compelling player engagement pitch for a director review, mastering the essentials of communication, content, and strategic planning in the gaming industry.

    • Assembling a player engagement plan
    • Pitch preparation for director review
    • FAQ: Directors’ edition
    • Communication framework

    Assignment #3: Game-Changer Deck (Project 2)
    Craft a compelling director review presentation for your latest project—introducing an innovative customization feature for a video game and submit it for review.

  10. Mon, 4/85 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Fusing Business Goals into UX/UI Design

    Unveil the synergy of business goals and design brilliance. Dive deep into the most common KPIs for video games and zoom deeper into defining & tracking KPIs for UX/UI. 

    • Approaching business goals in game development
    • Common business KPIs in the gaming industry
    • Letting UX design & UI art support business goals
    • Keeping balance: UX/UI aims,  business goals & feasibility constraints
    • Introduction to Case Study #3

    Assignment #4: Optimize KPIs With UX/UI Solutions (Project 3)
    Better user experiences create higher retention rates! Analyze provided gameplay videos, identify Day 1 retention hurdles, and propose creative UX/UI solutions. Support your suggestions with relevant UX/UI artifacts — screenshots, flow charts, and player journeys — to showcase your vision.

  11. Wed, 4/105 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Business Goals Deep-Dive: Retention

    Delve into the heartbeat of gaming success in Class 11 as we dissect the intricacies of player retention. Explore UX/UI strategies to build a robust retention framework, and enhance early gameplay experiences.

    • Responding to underperforming
    • Retention framework
    • Enhancing player retention KPIs
    • Early gameplay experience analysis
  12. Mon, 4/155 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Business Goals Deep-Dive: Engagement

    Dive deep into gaming engagement, understand its essence, and master strategies to enhance player experiences. Explore the intricacies of defining and boosting 3 player engagement KPIs related to gameplay, socializing, and monetization. 

    • Defining engagement
    • Improving player engagement KPIs
    • Gameplay, social, and monetization engagement strategies
    • AI in player engagement design
  13. Wed, 4/175 PM PST/8 PM EST
    Getting Ready For Advanced UX/UI Roles in Gaming

    How do you advance in UX/UI gaming roles? Explore career paths, polish personal branding, and gain live feedback on your portfolio to propel you toward senior positions and beyond.

    • Senior gaming UX/UI career path & job requirements
    • Personal branding strategy: Resume, portfolio, interviews
    • Portfolio template
    • Live portfolio reviews

    Assignment #5: Portfolio Boost
    Showcase your prowess by integrating the three projects from this course into your portfolio. Your chance to shine awaits — submit for expert review!



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