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"Producers are very important people – they’re a little like Book Editors, a little like Film Producers and a lot like Product Managers” — Trip Hawkins
A world-known Game Guru with over 20 years of experience shares his view of the Game Producer role, developer’s burnout, and low-budget GameDev.
Semrush’s Chief Strategy Officer unwinds his idea of luck, privacy regulations, and the future of online marketing.
An aggregated cross-industry report on how events in 2020 influenced our lives from an economic perspective.
The science behind workplace diversity, how it influences the revenue of a company, and how can one build a truly efficient diverse team.
A look at the history and current state of American economy, reshaped by technology.
Uncovering the types of strategic partnerships, the psychology behind building a well-balanced partnership, and most common legal forms of partnerships.
The Director of Analytics at Google on the pivotal role of an analyst, the future of collecting data, and learning while teaching.