Investing in a company includes investing in individual employees.

About 59% of employees invest in their OWN upskilling. Here’s how to join the winning 41%.

Payments Explained:

Once you have spoken with your Learning Advisor, you will receive an email with a detailed course syllabus, employer’s guide, and invoice for your course. You can easily forward it to your employer or let your Learning Advisor know whom to CC. If you require a customized invoice that includes your company's information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email], or reach out to your Learning Advisor

Certification of Completion:

After completing the course and successfully finishing all of your homework assignments, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate will not only prove that you’ve learned the required material but it can also be added to your LinkedIn profile to show your professional network.

This is what your next certificate might look like:

Your Next Email:

We’ve got you covered. Here’s an example of how to ask your boss to invest in you:

Subject Line: I found a course that can help me improve my performance
- Taking my abilities to the next level | I found a course!
- Working on my professional development plan 💻Look at what I found!
- I found an industry expert teaching [subject] | This can help our company!
- Upskilling Opportunity | [Subject] is being taught online by a pro!
- Performance Upgrade on [subject]

Email body:
[Employer’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well! I'm reaching out about the professional development opportunities at ELVTR, and I wanted to discuss their [course name] course with you.

After a detailed consultation with a Learning Advisor, I found that this course would be a great fit for my professional growth to resolve [company name]’s challenges from a different perspective. ELVTR has helped 3,800+ students get connected with over 36 industry experts from companies like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Meta. Would it be possible for [company name] to invest in my career development or reimburse me for the classes?

The course is taught by [instructor's name] from [instructor’s company], and it covers [brief description of the course topics that interest you].

What stands out to me is that they provide more than just class material and recorded videos. Every class is LIVE and there are opportunities to connect with the instructor through Discord, during office hours, along with networking opportunities. The final project is based on each person’s own dataset which means that I can work on [NAME of the COMPANY]’s cases and get insight from [instructor's name].

Here is the link to the course: [link]

Let me know when you’re free for a quick chat!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Wait For a Response:

Your email has been sent! As you wait for a response keep in mind that investing in employees is an investment in the future of the company.

By providing rising stars like you with the opportunity to learn new skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends, your employers are giving you the tools you need to be successful and bring value to the organization.

Encouraging your employees to pursue professional development opportunities is a win-win situation, as you will be able to contribute more to the company and feel more fulfilled in your career.

Don't be afraid to ask your employer to invest in you! As it can lead to a brighter future for both you and the company.

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