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April 2 - May 23
Live online course
5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST
April 2 - May 23
Elevate your expertise with real-world applications & a "Data First" approach.



You are a solution architect with no AI experience (yet)
Unfamiliar with AI? By focusing on real-world applications, tools, and the crucial stages of AI development, you’ll gain all the skills necessary to seamlessly integrate AI into your architectural frameworks.
You are a data professional seeking customized feedback
Data first! Our approach and methodology are entirely data-driven. Master specific skills, from ethical considerations to deploying AI solutions – all while ensuring data security – and navigate the complexities of AI.
You are a tech lead or a tech product owner
Strategically align innovation with business objectives. By delving into advanced analytics, customization techniques, and the dynamic landscape of AI systems, drive impactful, ethical, and successful AI initiatives within your tech leadership role.
Become the bridge between users & engineers. Identify problems & present AI-powered solutions.
As you navigate the intricate balance between innovation and business goals, harness cutting-edge tools like HuggingFace and Kaggle, shaping your unique AI tech stack and tapping into diverse data sources for powerful and personalized AI solutions.
Real-world tasks & real-time feedback that propel you forward.
Jump ahead of the learning curve and enter the market strategically.

From prototype refinement to deployment readiness, master the blueprint of successful AI projects, delve into ethical AI practices, and become a strategic architect of the future with hands-on, industry-relevant LIVE online experiences.
Project-based learning
Dive into text moderation (NLP), image classification (CNN), and customizing large language models (Generative AI). Gain hands-on experience in AI applications for automation, decision-making, and self-learning.
Comprehensive topics & case studies
Explore Jupyter & HuggingFace, select models, craft tools, and grasp data cleaning's crucial role. You’ll get a practical perspective on AI implementation & focus on AI ethics, data security, and regulatory compliance.
Real-world career guidance
Elevate your career with personalized guidance, including portfolio building, expert guest speaker insights, and exclusive opportunities for recommendation letters and LinkedIn endorsements.
AI Solution Architect at Code and Theory
Led as Chief AI Scientist and Solution Architect, renowned for expertise in Data Augmentation, ML, CNN, and GenAI.

Pioneered career at Xerox PARC, contributing to expert systems and defense projects, progressing to pivotal roles at Oracle, Viant Consulting, and Cognizant.

Orchestrated AI strategies, architected mobile kids’ books, and developed impactful solutions as CTO at LeVar Burton's RRKidz.

Wrote & published “Data Augmentation with Python,” Amazon’s #1 New Release, showcasing a unique blend of technical prowess, leadership, and dedication to ethical AI.
Course program
WED (3/27), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Welcome Class: Meet your Instructor

Ready to start? Chat with your instructor, navigate the course structure, and unveil the exciting projects that will propel you toward success during the course.

  • Instructor Introduction
  • Course Structure & Outcomes
  • Assignments & Projects
  • Q&A
TUE (4/2), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Navigating the AI World: Explore AI in the wild and the “Data-Driven” methodology

What’s the “Data First” methodology? Come find out as you learn about the crucial stages of AI development. As an AI solution architect, you’ll have various roles and responsibilities to take on. Today we’ll look into practical scenarios and real-world applications to prepare you for the job!

  • The exciting world of an AI solution architect
  • Data First methodology
  • Group activity: AI idea validation: Possible or not?

Project 1: Text Moderator /Assignment #1

THU (4/4), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Your AI Vision: Project Selection and Performance Metrics

Find the sweet spot where innovation overlaps strategic business aims. Learn to steer and assess initiatives that reflect your goals, meet technical requirements, and hit the bullseye on your metrics.

  • Pinpointing a promising AI project
  • Alignment with business goals & values
  • Potential impact & feasibility
  • Demo: Define KPIs & metrics

Project 1: Text Moderator /Assignment #2

TUE (4/9), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Crafting AI Tools: Harnessing Jupyter & HuggingFace + Kaggle

Empower your AI journey by welding tools and platforms. Customize your AI tech stack, embrace HuggingFace's NLP library, and unlock insights from Kaggle's rich data science arena. Let’s get started!

  • Define your AI tech stack
  • HuggingFace introduction
  • Demo: Identify data source on Kaggle

Project 1 Text Moderator /Assignment #3

THU (4/11), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Evaluate & Select AI: From Prototype to “What Ifs” + Lab

What if you could use tools and platforms to craft and deploy impactful AI solutions? Well, today’s the day! Navigate AI solutions from prototyping to full-fledged deployment while combatting limitations and exploring constraints. You’ll also test drive an AI Text Moderation prototype utilizing the OpenAI-moderate module.

  • Benefits of paid enterprise AI platforms vs. Open-source
  • Define the prototype’s limitations
  • Evaluation & exploration
  • Lab: Test drive the AI Text Moderation prototype with the OpenAI-moderate module 

Project 1 Text Moderator /Assignment #4

TUE (4/16), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Proof of Concept Blueprint: Structuring the AI Journey + Lab

Teamwork makes the dream work! But how can you make a team work? Get the blueprint for success by identifying the pivotal roles within an AI team and skillfully crafting a project timeline. Explore the crucial phases of data refinement and augmentation, unlocking insights into the intricate AI project documentation hierarchy.

  • Build your AI team
  • Defining AI schedule: Data cleaning & augmentation
  • Taxonomy of AI architecture documentation
  • Lab: Quick code walkthrough of the AI Text Moderation prototype

Project 1 Text Moderator / Assignment #5

THU (4/18), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Accuracy and Fairness + Guest Speaker

Let’s get digital! What does fairness look like in the AI realm? Dive into its significance and accuracy in model development. Embark on a virtual expedition exploring various accuracy benchmarking techniques, honing in on commonsense reasoning and the Holistic Evaluation of Language Models (HELM) benchmarks.

  • Define fairness
  • Benchmark accuracy
  • Benchmark fairness & inclusivity
  • Guest speaker: Discuss fairness and ethical issues in AI

Project 1 Text Moderator / Assignment #6

TUE (4/23), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
AI Deployment Demystification: From Proof of Concept to Custom API + Lab

Leverage HuggingFace for PoC deployment and delve into crafting a custom API. Explore the intersection of DevOps and AI deployment, emphasizing operational nuances. Then highlight the pivotal role of user feedback in refining AI solutions.

  • PoC deployment using HuggingFace
  • Build custom API
  • Considering DevOps
  • User feedback
  • Lab: Walk through Text Moderation app deployment

Project 1 Text Moderator / Assignment #7

THU (4/25), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Listen to Feedback: AI feedback loop

Create perpetual improvements by infusing user feedback into AI systems. By using advanced analytics methods to dissect and interpret feedback, you’ll foster a refined understanding. Through these insights, you’ll leave with enhanced performance and user experiences.

  • Advance analytics
  • Integrate feedback into product
  • A/B testing
  • Near real-time vs. schedule AI update

Project 1 Text Moderator / Assignment #8

TUE (4/30), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
AI Versatile Dance: Industry, Self-Learning, Automation & Decision-Making

Here’s the action plan: Discover the vast range of AI applications across industries. You’ll learn about AI systems’ principles of learning and adaptation. You’ll also explore Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and their application in Image Classification. By the way, if you love dogs then you’ll love today’s lesson.

  • Industry applications & data analysis
  • Learning & adaptation
  • Efficiency & automation
  • Enhanced user experience & decision-making
  • Introduction to the CNN Project

Project 2 Image Classification / Assignment #9

THU (5/2), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
AI’s Ethical and Secure Fabric: Verifying Fairness and Fortifying Defenses + Guest Speaker

Everyone wants their data secure, private, and handled responsibly. Immerse yourself in ethical values while ensuring data security. We’ll address transparency, explainability, regulatory compliance, and accountability to ensure that your AI solutions don’t create problems.

  • Ethics & data security
  • Transparency and explainability of training dataset
  • Regulatory compliance and accountability
  • The popular AI algorithms
  • Guest Speaker: Online security discussion

Project 2 Image Classification / Assignment #10

TUE (5/7), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Refining the AI Craft: Enterprise Platform versus Open-source Deep Dive

Two words: costs & licensing. Learn how these factors vary between proprietary and open-source tools while impacting project budgets. The other factors that may influence your choice of AI platform are customization, flexibility, scalability & integration. We’ll discuss them all!

  • Cost & licensing
  • Customization, flexibility, security & reliability
  • Scalability and integration
  • Legal and liability constraints
  • Demo: The CNN Image Classification project

Project 2 Image Classification / Assignment #11

THU (5/9), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Guardians of AI Performance: Monitoring and Measuring Success + Lab

Go beyond the basics. It's time to not just monitor and measure AI systems but to effectively orchestrate their success. Explore AI systems’ integration with sales and campaign platforms, understanding how AI contributes to and enhances business processes.

  • Beyond feedback and analytics
  • Integration with sales and campaign platforms
  • Hyperparameter tuning
  • Lab: Monitoring & measuring success

Project 2 Image Classification / Assignment #12

TUE (5/14), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
AI Outside the Box: Customize your AI

Set your sights on customizing AI solutions that meet your needs. The goal: Master the art of tailoring AI to meet specific needs while upholding legal and ethical standards. As we maneuver through complex AI systems we’ll explore how to customize Large Language Models.

  • Level of AI customization
  • Protect private data
  • Legal & company AI usage policy
  • Introduction to our customized LLM model

Project 3 Customized LLM Model /Assignment #13

THU (5/16), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
The Data Master: Deep Dive on Data Cleaning + Guest Speaker

Roll up your sleeves! We’re getting hands-on practice today! Practice techniques to refine data, remove inaccuracies, and prepare it for use in AI models. As you plunge into the realm of data processing and cleaning you’ll explore data analysis and visualization to draw meaningful conclusions.

  • Data collection & management
  • Data preprocessing & cleaning
  • Data analysis & visualization
  • Lab: Code walk-through on data cleaning & visualization
  • Guest speaker: Ideal datasets discussion

Project 3 Customized LLM Model /Assignment #14

TUE (5/21), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Ride the Llama: Increase AI Accuracy and Protect Company Private Data

Elevate AI models to unprecedented heights while safeguarding sensitive company data. Improve model precision and relevance, ensuring that AI solutions are not only accurate but also highly applicable to specific use cases. As you walk through today’s lesson, we’ll hone in on precision, privacy, and personalization.

  • Enhanced model precision and relevance
  • Customized user experience
  • Differential privacy in training
  • Lab: Code walk-through creating Llama Index

Project 3 Customized LLM Model / Assignment #15

THU (5/23), 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
A Journey Not a Destination: Continuous Learning, Adapting and Winning

It’s the last class. Hold back your tears and network with your peers. AI is ever-evolving hence the need to continuously learn, adapt, and stay up-to-date with trends. Today you’ll gain insights into how to manage the challenges associated with the integration and scalability of AI systems effectively. Then we’ll leave you with some expert career guidance!

  • Continuous learning and adaptation
  • Technological advancements
  • Ethical and regulatory landscape
  • Integration and scalability challenges
  • Lab: Code walk-through deploying the Llama Index LLM model

Project 3 Customized LLM Model / Assignment #16
Bonus Assignment: Resume Review

“The group activities, they allow us to interact and exchange ideas, plus the way it is structured is challenging and mind twisting as we collaborate in different parts of the ideation.”
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Linkedin profile
“Overall I'm impressed with the level of detail and explanation around particular topics and subjects. There's a real depth to each module which for learning allows the information to stay in your brain.”
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Linkedin profile
“I really enjoy the format of the course. Lectures with real life examples and an ongoing case study. Also built in 20 minutes at the end of each class for questions is helpful.”
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